Benefits of a Medicare Supplement Plan

When you turn 65 or are ready to retire you may think that Medicare covers all of your medical costs for the rest of your life. Medicare does cover MOST of your medical costs but not all. Medicare has a rather large hospital deductible and pays only 80% of your Doctor and outpatient costs. This is why you should get a quote on a Medicare supplement plan. A Medicare supplement plan can pay these costs and leave you with very little out of the pocket expense.

There are NO networks with Medicare Supplement Plans

People will love the fact that Medicare supplement plans have NO network of doctors or hospitals. You can choose to see any doctor or go to any hospital that accepts Medicare – ANYWHERE in the USA.

Lower Rates

A Medicare supplement plan will likely cost much less than you may think. Most people that enter Medicare and have been paying for their own private insurance will see a significant reduction in premiums.

Covers Most of What Medicare Does Not Cover

Medicare will only pay out a certain percentage for each of the bills you get. Typically, this amount is at the eighty percent mark. This leaves you responsible for twenty percent. This may not seem like a big exposure but the issue is there is no Stop or Out of Pocket Maximum. If you have a $10,000 claim you would be responsible for $2,000 but if you have a $100,000 claim you would be responsible for $20,000. This is why the majority of folks get a Medicare supplement plan. To cover those out of pocket expenses.

No Medical Questions

During your initial Open Enrollment Period you can choose any Medicare supplement plan you like and cannot be turned down. Once you have been in Medicare for more than 6 months you can change plans but would have to go through medical underwriting.